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Wholesale Hex Cap Bolts

Also referred to as hex cap screws or machine bolts, hex bolts are externally threaded fasteners with a six-sided head. They feature machine threads, are installed into a tapped hole, and are often used with a nut. Hex bolts are resistant to a wide range of temperatures, are very strong, and are used throughout many industries.

ECS Fasteners is your go-to supplier of industrial hex bolts. We offer personalized service, flexible pricing, and nationwide shipping for every order. Our inventory comprises over 48,000 fastener options to satisfy the demands of any jobsite. Start your order today to discover why ECS stands for experienced competitive service!


Ready-to-Ship Hex Bolt Configurations & Specifications

Hex bolts are ready to ship in a variety of configurations to meet any specification. We offer bolts with fine and coarse threads and in many lengths or sizes. Possible finishes include plain, zinc yellow, zinc, or black oxide, with USA-made and imported options currently stocked. Hex bolt construction materials include:

  • 18-8 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Grade-2 steel
  • Grade-5 steel
  • Grade-8 steel
  • Grade-9 steel with EcoGuard gray/silver finish
  • Silicon bronze

We also offer custom manufacturing services to meet any hex bolt need. ECS has worked tirelessly to form relationships with domestic and international manufacturers to ensure we can source a hex bolt to meet any guideline.

Hex Bolts for Any Industrial or Commercial Application

Hex bolts are a popular and versatile option as they can be installed with tools and supplies found in everyday toolboxes. They are especially suited to fastening steel, wood, or other materials involved in construction projects, such as:

  • Docks
  • Bridges
  • Highway structures
  • Commercial and residential constructions
  • And more!

Personalized Service & On-Time Delivery for All Hex Bolt Orders

Whether you live in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine, ECS Fasteners is uniquely poised to be your premier supplier of industrial and commercial fasteners. We provide like-local service from coast to coast, individualizing your experience from first quote through final delivery. ECS can also support you through complete VMI services and stocking solutions if you live in Elkhart County or a nearby Indiana community. If hex bolts are not well-suited to your application, we also offer:

Contact ECS Fasteners for High-Quality Hex Bolts

If you have questions about our hex bolts or want assistance selecting the best bolt for your job, contact us today. Request a quote to get started.

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