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MS Machine Screws

Machine screws are fasteners used for metal-to-metal connections in mechanical assemblies. Mil-spec machine screws are manufactured to meet the standards set by the military for use in demanding applications. Available in various materials, coatings, and head configurations, these screws are designed to ensure durability and reliability in military equipment. Mil-spec machine screws are fully traceable, providing a trusted fastening solution for defense, aerospace, and industrial applications.

MS Machine Screws at ECS Fasteners

At ECS Fasteners, we distribute high-performance fasteners of all styles, including military-spec machine screws. Our ready-to-ship inventory of MS machine screws includes a wide range of material, coating, threading, head, and drive style options. If you have questions about our stock of military-spec fasteners, don't hesitate to contact us online or call (574)596-3814.

Head & Drive Styles for MS Machine Screws

Our military-spec machine screws are available in various head types and drive style options. Drive styles include Phillips or slotted screws for versatile fastening. Head types include:
  • Flat Head
  • Fillister Head
  • Pan Head
  • Socket Head

Material & Finish Options for MS Machine Screws

Our in-stock selection of military-spec machine screw materials includes 18-8 stainless steel and carbon steel with specialized coatings for enhanced performance and corrosion resistance. Standard finish options for carbon steel MS machine screws include cadmium-yellow and black oxide coating.Top of FormBottom of Form

Thread Options for MS Machine Screws

Mil-spec machine screws are available in fine and coarse TPI (threads per inch). Coarse threads are typically favored for applications requiring high tensile strength, while fine-threaded MS machine screws are often preferred for applications requiring high precision or fine-tuned torque.

Military & Industrial Applications for MS Machine Screws

MS machine screws provide a reliable fastening solution for military equipment, including vehicles, aircraft, and other defense applications. The strict standards and quality control processes associated with military-spec machine screws ensure high performance in these critical environments, resisting corrosion from harsh environments and supporting heavy loads. Demanding applications that utilize military-spec machine screws include:
  • Aerospace Component Manufacturing
  • Government & Municipal Construction Applications
  • High-Performance Automotive & Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
  • Military Vehicles & Aircraft
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Other Demanding Industrial Applications

ECS Fasteners is Your Source for Mil-Spec Machine Screws in Bulk

At ECS Fasteners, we supply commercial and private customers nationwide with premium fasteners in bulk. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and high-quality products makes us a preferred fastener distributor for customers in all industrial sectors, including industries that require military-spec fasteners. We offer versatile reordering options to keep your inventory stocked with the fastening products you need. Benefits of ordering your industrial and commercial fasteners from ECS include:
  • Fast Order Turnaround & Quick Shipping
  • Premium Quality Fastening Products in Bulk
  • VMI Solutions & Reordering Options that Work In Your Timeframe
  • A Loyal, Customer-Oriented Culture of Service

Contact Us to Learn More About Our In-Stock Selection of MS Fasteners

Questions about our stock of ms machine screws? Contact us, and our staff will gladly assist you in purchasing the best military-spec fasteners for your application's requirements. You can also request a quote online for pricing information. Choose ECS Fasteners to supply all your commercial and industrial fastening needs.
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