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NAS Washers

NAS fasteners, including NAS-certified washers, meet the strict technical standards required in the aerospace industry. NAS washers are used for high-performance applications, including aircraft and spacecraft component manufacturing and other critical industrial uses. NAS washers are available in multiple material and coating options for superior strength and corrosion resistance.

What Does It Mean For Washers to Meet National Aerospace Standards?

National Aerospace Standards (NAS) are technical standards developed and maintained by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) in the United States. These standards cover a range of aerospace components, including washers. When a washer is NAS-certified, it meets the specific requirements outlined in the applicable NAS standard. For example, NAS620 is a widely-used standard that covers flat washers for use in aircraft, missiles, and other aerospace applications. The NAS620 standard outlines requirements for the washer's material, dimensions, finish, and other characteristics.

NAS Washers at ECS Fasteners

At ECS Fasteners, our extensive inventory of ready-to-ship fasteners includes NAS washers. Our NAS washers are available in various material and finish options, each meeting the criteria for NAS certification. Not sure which materials or styles of NAS washers you need for your application? Contact us, and our staff will gladly assist you in finding the best fastening products for your application's requirements.

Types of NAS Washers

We distribute two styles of NAS washers: flat washers and light flat washers. Flat NAS washers are shaped like standard flat washers, but their specifications meet all NAS criteria. Light flat NAS washers feature a thinner profile and lighter weight than flat washers, making them ideal for low-profile aerospace applications.
In addition to our in-stock flat and light flat washer styles, ECS can supply you with any other NAS-certified washers you may require, including split lock, tooth lock, and additional NAS washer styles. Contact us online, or call (574)596-3814 to learn how we can provide you with the NAS fasteners for your job.

Material & Coating Options

Our NAS-approved washers are available in various material and finish options for different strength and corrosion resistance characteristics. Material and finish options for our NAS washers include:
  • Carbon Steel
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • Cadmium Yellow Finish

Industrial Applications for NAS Fasteners

NAS certification is often necessary for aerospace component manufacturers and suppliers as it provides assurance that the fasteners meet strict quality and performance standards. NAS-certified fasteners offer consistency and reliability across different systems and applications in aerospace and other demanding industries. Common industrial applications for NAS fasteners include:
  • Aircraft Manufacturing: NAS-certified fasteners are used in critical components, including engine mounts, wing attachments, landing gear, and more.
  • Spacecraft & Satellites: Spacecraft and satellites operate in extreme environments with high radiation levels, temperature fluctuations, and other extreme stresses. NAS-certified fasteners ensure the components remain securely fastened and perform reliably.
  • Commercial & Industrial Applications: NAS-certified fasteners are also used in various commercial and industrial applications where reliability and precision are critical, including medical equipment, oil and gas drilling equipment, and high-performance automotive applications.

Fast Shipping & Customer-Oriented Services

At ECS Fasteners, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service, high-quality products, and quick turnaround on all orders. In addition to NAS fasteners, our extensive in-stock inventory includes military-spec hardware, standard washers in all styles, and much more. We offer fast shipping nationwide on our entire stock of fasteners.
By choosing ECS Fasteners for your industrial or commercial fastener needs, you can trust you will receive personalized service and access to superior products with every order. We develop long-lasting customer relationships, supplying fastening products for all industrial sectors and applications. At ECS, our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the fasteners you need in a timeframe that works for you.

Contact ECS to Learn More About NAS Fasteners

Contact us to learn more about our selection of fasteners approved by the National Aerospace Standards. You can also request a quote for pricing information on special orders. ECS is your home for fast shipping on premium fasteners.
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