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Hex Nuts

Hex nuts are one of the most commonly found nuts across most industries. They are six-sided general-purpose fasteners manufactured with internal screw threads. They are often paired with hex head cap screws or other bolts for superior fastening capabilities.

ECS Fasteners is your go-to source for hex nuts in bulk quantities and wholesale prices. We support you and your industry through flexible pricing models, nationwide shipping, and complete VMI solutions throughout Elkhart County and the surrounding Indiana communities. ECS Fasteners is ready to provide like-local and personalized service for every order, no matter where you live. Explore our expansive inventory and order today!

Specifications & Configurations for Ready-to-Ship Hex Nuts

We stock an extensive range of ready-to-ship hex nuts to meet the needs of any applications. Available in several sizes, thicknesses, and lengths, we have the hex nuts you need to complete any planned project. Our stock includes options manufactured from various grades of steel, stainless steel, and nylon with finishes including plain, black oxide, or black zinc. We can supply:

  • Hex jam nuts
  • Heavy hex jam nuts
  • Heavy hex nuts
  • Finished hex nuts
  • Nylon hex nuts
  • Grace-8 high hex nuts
  • Left-handed threaded hex nuts
  • Light automotive hex nut
  • Top lock hex nuts
  • Machine screw nuts


If you require a hex nut to meet specialized requirements for your application, let us know. ECS Fasteners has built a vast network of manufacturing partners to provide custom hex nuts to meet any specification.

Industrial & Commercial Uses for Hex Nuts

Hex nuts and heavy hex nuts are ideal for any industrial or commercial application requiring high-strength bolting. Some examples include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial machinery
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Construction
  • And many others!

Experienced Competitive Service from Industry Experts

ECS Fasteners maintains an in-stock and ready-to-ship inventory containing over 48,000 fastener options. We work closely with you to ensure you have the best fasteners for your application while staying within your budget. If a hex nut doesn’t match your current industrial or commercial requirements, we also stock:

Contact ECS Fasteners Today

If you have questions about our hex nuts or are unsure which nut is best for your planned use, contact us today. Request a quote to get started or learn more about our capabilities. Our highly trained team of experts will respond as soon as possible.

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