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Spacers, Standoffs & Electronic Hardware

Spacers, standoffs, and electronic hardware are used in various industrial and commercial applications. They are designed to support or position and connect components within electronic assemblies. Spacers, standoffs, and electronic hardware are durable and sturdy options for projects involving circuit boards, panels, doors, and more.

ECS Fasteners maintains an inventory containing over 48,000 fastener solutions. Besides our high-performing spacers, standoffs, and electronic hardware, we offer the industry’s best screws, bolts, and other industrial or commercial components. We ship in bulk quantities nationwide and offer flexible pricing options with unparalleled customer support. Discover the ECS Fastener difference today!

Ready-to-Ship Spacers, Standoffs & Electronic Hardware

ECS Fasteners is dedicated to providing the spacers, standoffs, and other electronic hardware components that you need to complete any industrial application. If you’re unsure which spacer, standoff, or electronic hardware is best for your planned use, our experts are here to help. We carry:


  • Cable Clamps, Nylon
  • Jack Screws (3/16")
  • Retraceable Captive Panel Fasteners
  • Self-Clinching Nuts, Standoffs, and Studs
  • Hex Spacers
  • Round Spacers
  • Hex Standoffs
  • Round Standoffs

Options & Specifications for Electronic Hardware

Spacers, standoffs, and electronic hardware are available in a vast range of sizes, styles, and configurations. We carry options to match any necessary guidelines, including Mil-Spec requirements or ASTM standards, and are confident we have a component that will work with your application. Material choices for our spacers, standoffs, and electronic hardware include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel-plated Brass
  • Nylon
  • Steel zinc
  • Yellow zinc

Custom-Manufactured Spacers, Standoffs & Electronic Hardware

We’ve worked hard to cultivate long-lasting relationships with fastener manufacturers in the US, Canada, and beyond. Our vast network allows us to supply spacers, standoffs, and electronic hardware to meet any custom specification. We work closely with you to ensure your delivered component satisfies every requirement and exceeds any expectations.

Your Top Supplier of Industrial & Commercial Wholesale Fasteners

ECS Fasteners is your go-to local fastener distributor—no matter where your business is located. We keep community values at the center of everything we do, providing high-quality products and one-on-one service with every order. In addition to our nationwide shipping, we provide comprehensive VMI solutions to Elkhart County and other Indiana regions.

Our bulk order capabilities, competitive prices, and industry expertise make us your premier solution for any industrial or commercial fastener needs. We grow with you, and we’re excited to show you why ECS stands for experienced competitive service.

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Contact ECS Fasteners to learn more about our ready-to-ship products, pricing options, and capabilities. Request a quote to begin your bulk spacer, standoff, or electronic hardware order.

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