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Nylon Lock Nuts

Also known as nylon inserts, nylon lock nuts are hex nuts with a machine thread pitch and feature a nylon-filled collar. The combination of threads and collar create a tight fit for superior fastening capabilities in a variety of applications. Nylon lock nuts are an excellent choice when the objects being connected are manufactured from a soft material.

ECS Fasteners is your top source for bulk quantities of nylon lock nuts. We offer nationwide shipping to ensure you always have the fasteners you need when you need them. Our highly trained team is committed to always going the extra mile on every order, offering custom-manufactured nylon lock nuts, flexible pricing options, and personalized service. Get started on your order today!


Our Ready-to-Ship Nylon Lock Nut Options

Nylon lock nuts are available manufactured from various grades of steel or stainless steel. In-stock finishes include black oxide, plain, zinc, zinc black, or zinc yellow. We offer UNC and UNF thread types, and our inventory of nylon lock nuts includes:

  • Flange nylon lock nuts
  • Full-height heavy hex nylon lock nuts
  • Thin-height heavy hex nylon lock nuts
  • Regular height light hex nylon lock nuts
  • Thin height light hex nylon lock nuts
  • Custom nylon lock nuts

Specifications will vary by model, so explore our inventory to find the best nylon lock nut for your application.

Industrial & Commercial Applications for Nylon Lock Nuts

Nylon lock nuts are specifically engineered to resist loosening when exposed to vibration or torque, making them an ideal solution for many applications. Common examples include:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive applications
  • Aircraft and avionics machinery

Experienced Competitive Service from a Leading Fastener Supplier

ECS Fasteners is your top supplier of high-quality and high-performing fasteners for any industrial or commercial application. We maintain a stock of over 48,000 fastener options to meet even the strictest demands. If nylon lock nuts are not the best fit for your planned project, we also offer:

Order from ECS Fasteners Today

If you have questions about our nylon lock nuts or are unsure which nut is best for your planned use, contact us today. Request a quote to begin a custom order or learn more about our services, capabilities, or VMI services for Elkhart County and the surrounding Indiana area. Our fastener experts will be in touch as soon as possible.

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