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AN Washers

AN washers are high-performance military-grade washers that meet strict specifications for use in components and other aerospace applications. The "AN" designation in these flat, circular washers addresses performance specifications for aircraft applications, ensuring the fasteners are reliable and compatible with aviation requirements.

ECS Fasteners is Your Source for Wholesale AN Washers for Aircraft

Questions about ordering AN washers or other military-spec fasteners? Contact us, and our staff will gladly assist you in finding the best fastening products for your application's requirements.

AN Washers at ECS Fasteners

At ECS Fasteners, we distribute a wide range of military-spec fasteners, including high-performance AN washers. Our ready-to-ship selection of flat AN washers includes the AN960, AN960-C, AN960-CL, AN960-L, and AN970 specifications.

AN960, AN960-L, & AN970 Flat, Steel, Cadmium-Yellow Finish

AN960, AN960-L, and AN970 washers are made from high-strength steel and feature a cadmium-yellow finish for enhanced corrosion resistance and durability in aerospace and military applications. The AN960-L designation refers to the "Light" series of washers.

AN960-C & AN960-CL Flat, 18-8 Stainless Steel, Plain Finish

AN960-C & AN960-CL are manufactured from 18-8 stainless steel, providing excellent strength and good corrosion resistance without any special coating. The AN960-CL refers to the "Light" series of washers.

Aerospace & Military Applications for AN Washers

AN washers are manufactured to meet precise performance requirements for aerospace applications. In aircraft manufacturing, AN washers are used in critical component assemblies, including structural and operational parts. Military equipment, including naval vessels and specialized defense systems, also utilize AN washers to distribute loads in critical applications.
Additionally, AN washers' reliability and strength make them valuable in high-performance vehicles, offering secure fastening and vibration resistance in demanding conditions. These washers are also used in demanding industrial settings that require high-strength and precise fastening, including heavy machinery, construction equipment, and industrial structures.

ECS Fasteners is Your Supplier for Wholesale Military-Spec Fastening Products

Looking for a reliable distributor for your industrial and military-grade fasteners? At ECS Fasteners, we specialize in supplying commercial and industrial customers with high-performance fasteners, including military-spec and AN fasteners. We guarantee fast turnaround on all orders, ensuring you receive your fastening products as quickly as possible.

Personalized Service & Convenient Reordering Options

At ECS, we are committed to providing our customers with the best purchasing experience for their industrial fastener needs. That's why we offer personalized service for each of our customers. We partner with you to ensure you receive the best fasteners for your application requirements. From one-time bulk orders to reoccurring deliveries in a timeframe that works for your schedule, ECS Fasteners is here to keep your industrial and military-grade fastener inventory stocked.

Contact Us for Ordering Information on Military-Spec Fasteners In Bulk

Contact ECS Fasteners to learn how we can supply all your commercial and industrial fasteners needs, including AN washers and standard washers. For detailed pricing information on special orders, request a quote online. ECS Fasteners is your trusted source for fast shipping on high-performance fasteners in bulk.
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