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Weld Nuts

Weld screws and weld nuts are designed to be welded into a metal surface to connect one object with another. They are a permanent fastening solution with high-strength capabilities for light-, medium-, or heavy-duty applications. Weld screws and weld nuts are generally chosen due to their efficiency in creating unbreakable bonds between surfaces.

ECS Fasteners is your top source for high-performing weld screws, weld nuts, and many other fastener solutions. Our inventory comprises over 48,000 components to meet the needs of any industrial or commercial application. We provide flexible pricing, expert knowledge, and can support bulk orders of any size.

Ready-to-Ship Industrial Weld Nuts & Screws

We maintain an extensive stock of ready-to-ship industrial weld nuts and weld screws to ensure that you have the materials you need when you need them. We stock weld nuts and screws, many of which are manufactured in the USA, to match imperial or metric measurements or other necessary specifications.

Weld Nuts

Weld nuts from ECS Fasteners are available in various shapes, thicknesses, and sizes. Weld nuts form stronger bonds than mechanically clinched fasteners and are useful in projects involving space restrictions. Our options are constructed from steel or stainless steel, and our in-stock weld nut configurations include:

  • Hex weld nuts
  • Metric hex weld nuts 
  • Round base weld nuts
  • Spot weld nuts
  • Square weld nuts
  • Tab weld nuts

Weld Screws

Weld screws are welded onto a metal surface with an extended shaft to place items over. These items are held in place by a nut or a washer for superior fastening capabilities. We stock a wide variety of steel weld screws in varying sizes, shapes, and configurations:

  • Flat 90° spade weld screws
  • Weld screws with projections on top
  • Weld screws with projections under the head

Custom-Manufactured Solutions for Weld Nuts & Screws

We’ve worked hard to build lasting, prosperous relationships with fastener manufacturers throughout the United States and around the world. These partnerships allow us to design, manufacture and deliver fully customized weld nuts and weld screws to fit the needs of any industrial or commercial application. From specialized lengths to specific materials, ECS Fasteners has you covered.

Industry Experience. Competitive Prices. Personalized Service.

ECS Fasteners brings our community-focused service to your business, no matter where you are is located. Whether you work in New York City, Los Angeles, or somewhere in between, our nationwide shipping capabilities allow us to provide you the weld nuts and weld screws you need to get your job done on time. We also offer high-quality VMI solutions to Elkhart County and the surrounding Indiana regions.

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Our customer service representatives are ready to find the products and price points you need to complete any fastening application. Contact us to learn more about our in-stock weld nuts, weld screws, and industry-leading services. Request a quote to get started on your bulk order.
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