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Self-Drilling Screws (TEK®)

Often referred to as TEK® screws after the name brand, self-drilling screws are manufactured with a specialty “drill bit” point, negating the need for pre-drilled holes. They cut their own thread during installation and provide excellent holding capabilities for metal-to-metal or metal-to-wood assemblies.

ECS Fasteners is your full-service supplier of self-drilling screws and other fastener solutions. We have established a vast network of manufacturing partners in the USA, Canada, and overseas to deliver the fasteners required to keep your workflow running without interruption or worry of supply chain issues. Order today, and we will remove the stress of restocking your job site with reliable and high-performing bulk fasteners.

Ready-to-Ship Options for Self-Drilling TEK Screws

Self-drilling TEK screws are in stock and ready to ship from ECS Fasteners. Our inventory includes options with lengths from 1/4" to 6”, constructions made from various types of steel or stainless steel, and multiple finishes. Our standard configurations include:

  • 82° Flat
  • 82° Flat Undercut
  • Bugle Philips
  • Hex Flange, Unslotted w/ Rubber Washer
  • Hex, Unslotted, Steel Zinc
  • Hex Washer
  • Hex Washer, Serrated
  • Oval Philips
  • Oval Philips Undercut
  • Pan
  • Pancake
  • Round Washer
  • Self-Drilling SEMS
  • Trim Head
  • Truss
  • Truss, Modified
  • Wafer Philips
  • Wafter Six-Lobe
  • Wafter Square Recess
  • Wafer Square-Philips Recess

Don’t see the self-drilling screw to meet your specifications? ECS has you covered. We offer full custom manufacturing services based on your unique designs.

ECS: Experienced Professionals. Competitive Prices. Excellent Service.

Whether your business is in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine, ECS Fasteners is your dedicated local hardware supplier. Our inventory of over 48,000 components is available for nationwide shipping, flexible pricing options, and bulk orders. We also offer comprehensive VMI services throughout Elkhart County and northern Indiana, tailoring our services to match every order. If self-drilling TEK screws are not the best option for your application, we also offer:

Start Your Bulk Order Today

Contact us to learn more about our ready-to-ship self-tapping sheet metal screws or how our personalized services can support your operations. Request a quote to begin a bulk or custom order. An expert representative will respond shortly.

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