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Concrete Screws

Also called masonry screws, concrete screws are designed to cut their own threads in hard surfaces, such as concrete, brick, block, and others. They are hardened fasteners featuring a double lead that consists of alternating raised and lowered threads with notches cut into the raised threads alongside a diamond-shape, nail-type point.

When you need bulk concrete screws for your commercial or industrial application, you need ECS Fasteners. We are your top provider of wholesale fastener solutions. Our inventory consists of over 48,000 fasteners to meet any need every time. Don’t see a product that fits your application’s requirements? No problem. We offer full custom manufacturing services via dependable domestic and overseas partners.

Available Concrete Screw Specifications

ECS stocks concrete screws manufactured from durable and high-performing Blue Ruspert. They are available in a variety of head options, including a flat Phillips or hex washer slot. We offer many sizes, lengths, finishes, and other configurations to help you finish your planned job on time and within budget. Concrete screws are removable, reusable, and can be reinserted almost indefinitely, often outlasting the concrete in which they are installed.

When to Use Concrete Screws

Along with securing materials into brick, block, or concrete, concrete screws are also useful for fastening wood, metal, and many other materials. In light- or medium-duty applications, concrete screws eliminate the need for an anchor. They are applicable in many industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial machinery
  • And many more!

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ECS Fasteners stands for Experienced Competitive Service. We go the extra mile to personalize every order, tailoring your products, pricing, and services to match your requirements and exceed your expectations. From nationwide shipping to offering comprehensive VMI solutions throughout Elkhart County and the surrounding Indiana communities, ECS is dedicated to supporting you and your business. If concrete screws do not work for your project, we also offer:

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