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Self-Piercing Screws

Self-piercing screws are specifically manufactured to pierce light-gauge sheet metal and other thin materials. Extremely similar to self-tapping screws, self-piercing screws feature an extra sharp point to penetrate sheet metal as they’re driven into the substrate and tap their own mating thread.

ECS Fasteners is your top source for industrial or commercial self-piercing screws. Our hands-on expertise and complete industry knowledge allow us to efficiently leverage supply chains to ensure on-time deliveries for every order. We ship nationwide to keep your workflows running without interruption. We always go the extra mile to personalize every order, tailoring your products, pricing, and services to match your needs. Explore our stock and order today!

In-Stock Self-Piercing Screws for Commercial or Industrial Job Sites

Every industrial or commercial application has its own unique demands. Our extensive inventory of over 48,000 components is designed to meet any requirement. While exact lengths, materials, sizes, and other configurations will depend on your selected self-piercing screw, our stock includes two main designs:

  • Washer Heads. Self-piercing screws with washer heads reduce the chances of crushing thin or brittle substrates due to the head's large, flat, load-bearing surface.
  • Modified Truss. Equipped with a broader head than washer head self-piercing screw, modified truss self-piercing screws prevent crushing when installed into thin metal. Our modified truss options are equipped with a Philips drive to make installation quick and easy.

Don’t see a self-piercing screw that matches your specifications? ECS has you covered. We work with a vast network of manufacturing partners in the USA, Canada, and beyond to manufacture a custom self-piercing screw to match your designs and complete any specialty operation.

Experienced Professionals. Competitive Prices. Individualized Service.

When you choose ECS Fasteners as your full-service industrial fastener supplier, you are welcomed into our community of customers. We strive to be your local hardware store, whether your business is in California, Maine, or somewhere between. In addition to our long-range shipping capabilities, ECS Fasteners is proud to offer comprehensive VMI services in Elkhart County and surrounding Indiana regions. In addition to our self-piercing screws, we offer:

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