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Thread-Rolling Screws

Also called thread-forming screws, thread-rolling screws are designed and manufactured to provide excellent fastening capabilities. Usually installed into plastic, they form threads in pre-existing holes during installation by pushing material outward. They are commonly applied when projects require minimizing the amounts of loose chips produced during the thread cutting process.

When you need thread-rolling screws in bulk, within budget, and delivered on time, you need ECS Fasteners. No matter where your business is located, we welcome you into our greater community of customers and are dedicated to providing like-local, highly personalized service on every order. Our in-stock inventory includes over 48,000 components to match the needs of your application. Explore our stock and start your order today!

Ready-to-Ship Thread-Rolling Screws to Match Your Specifications

Our extensive thread-rolling screw inventory is available in many sizes and constructed from various grades of steel or stainless steel. Exact specifications and capabilities will vary depending on your selected model. As all components within an assembly must use the same units of measurements, ECS offers high-quality, name-brand thread-rolling screws to meet metric and imperial specifications. Our stock includes:

  • EJOT® PT®-Alternative, Metric Sizes
  • Plas-Fix®45 and Plastite®-Alternate, Metric Sizes
  • Plastite®-Alternative, Inch Sizes
  • Taptite®-Alternative, Inch Sizes

Don’t see the exact thread-rolling screw you need to complete your application? We have you covered! ECS has built an extensive network of manufacturing partners in the USA, Canada, and overseas to provide custom manufacturing services to meet your specifications.

Choose ECS Fasteners for Experienced Competitive Service

ECS Fasteners offers nationwide shipping on all orders, working with you to ensure that you receive accurate and dependable products and services every time. From coast to coast, ECS works hard to relieve the stress of restocking your job site. In addition to our shipping capabilities, we also offer full VMI services throughout Elkhart County and northern Indiana. If a thread-rolling screw is not right for your planned use, we also stock:

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To learn more about ECS Fastener’s thread-rolling screws, other products, or personalized services, contact us today. To begin a custom or bulk order, request a quote. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will reach out and respond as soon as possible.

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